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Friends: thank you very much for your fantastic show of support! To run a successful campaign, a guy like me with no political background also needs your financial support. This is necessary in order to get our message to people who don’t know about my extensive record of managing tax dollars with integrity and expertise.

I would very much appreciate your contribution to my campaign. As my campaign treasurer, Roger Lempke has established the following levels of financial support:

  • $2500 Benefactor

  • $1000 Sponsor

  • $500 Host

  • $250 Patron

  • $100 Supporter

These levels are merely guidelines; I would be grateful for any amount you see fit to contribute.

Your much appreciated check is payable to:

"Citizens For Simpson"
2401 Ryons Street
Lincoln, NE 68502 Street


Thank you very much for your support!
Only with your help will I be managing
your county tax dollars in 2019!